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Wolf reintroduction will create ‘one huge nightmare’ in Colo.

Thank you for Rachel Gabel’s, Kat Urbikit’s, and your (Rona Johnson’s) coverage of the wolf re-introduction process for Colorado. I hope The Fence Post continues to follow the wolf issue as it further develops.

It has been interesting to follow the general predator-livestock producer-hunter related issues for the last 70 years. Repeat-repeat. There is nothing new about the current wolf situation. We covered, with USDA-sponsored research from 1972-82, coyote-prairie wolf, all of these same predator management issues. Gray wolves are just huge coyotes. Outcomes of wolf re-introductions are highly predictable.

Wildlife managers and private trappers have known how to control wolf predation for 125 years and are incredibly efficient at it. The media and pro-wolf NGOs act like this is somehow all new and a mystery. That is a joke.

Where do the Colorado Parks & Wildlife and Wild Earth Guardians plan on getting 750 wolves, or 35 wolves, to relocate to Colorado? How do they plan to keep wolves here? What is the plan to keep wolf numbers at 750 or any arbitrary predetermined number? The present plans and proposals are fantasy-wishful thinking.

Idaho, Montana, Wyoming and Minnesota have been through this for 40-plus years and have had some small levels of success. Generally speaking, all present wolf management programs are just delaying and diluting misery for livestock owners and hunters. Wolves breed until they are controlled by themselves or Mother Nature (mange, canine distemper) or massive control efforts and expense by people that go forward forever.

So, where are the parents objecting to the jeopardy being created for their kids who use and live in wolf country? Several children recently were killed and eaten by wolves in Russia. This is new excitement for urban hikers to add to the dangers of black bear, cougars and moose. A few wolves are easy to tolerate; 750 breeder wolves plus their annual basically uncontrolled reproduction is entirely a different story.

Canadian wolves will breed with or eat the Mexican wolves. How do Wild Earth Guardians and the CP&W suggest they prevent either from happening?

Look out rural dog walkers, guard dog and herd dog owners, sheep, goat, llama, alpaca, mule, donkey, horse and cow owners, wolves will always be lurking around so your guard can never be down. Colorado mountain life will certainly never be the same with 35 or 750 or 3,500 wolves.

The wolf lovers sold Colorado one huge nightmare. Shame on them. Too bad they won’t get the entire bill for what is coming.


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