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Wolves or elk, deer and moose?

I think the Wild Earth Guardians and other so-called animal advocates are showing their true colors when they are asking Colorado to bring 750 wolves into the state versus the 250 that the state voted for.

They also called for the introduction of Mexican Gray wolves into southern Colorado.

In Rachel Gabel’s article in this edition of The Fence Post, Lindsay Larris, program director for Wild Earth Guardians said that their research has shown Colorado has 17 million acres of land that can support over 1,000 wolves, and added that based on elk prey, the state could sustain 4,138 wolves.

That’s fine when the elk population is healthy and growing but there are times when the population suffers.

For example, in a story by 9News by Rachel Leuthauser, published Feb. 21, 2020, Colorado Parks and Wildlife were concerned because the number of elk dropped from 19,500 in 2015 to 16,889 in 2019. The CPW said there were several factors that could have led to the decline, including predators, diseases, drought and human impact.

What’s more important to these animal rights groups wolves or elk, deer and even moose?

This tells me that these wolf advocates are more interested in abolishing livestock grazing than saving wild animals.

I hope the people charged with managing the wolf “reintroduction” into Colorado keep farmers and ranchers involved in the process, not to mention the state’s economy if agriculture suffers because of this plan.

In other news, although New Mexico is not in our readership area, Rachel Gabel has been covering ag issues from there because it could happen in the states we cover.

The anti-grazing bill introduced by two New Mexico Democratic lawmakers is something farmers and ranchers from every state should be watching.


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