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Yield: The garden and the Cilpushers

It was a long time coming this year, but nirvana finally arrived at Damphewmore Acres. It arrived in the form of the summer’s first luscious, vine-ripened tomatoes. And, to make as good as it gets even better, the second crop of sweet corn (much better than the weather-battered first crop) ripened at the same time.

Let me tell you, in my estimation, a thick bacon and tomato sandwich, accompanied on the plate with hot-buttered sweet corn and new potatoes and green beans from the garden is “nectar of the Gods” on my old palate.


Today has been a red-letter day from the garden. Ol’ Nevah and I canned more than a gallon of dill pickles (did I mention that I hate raw cucumbers, but love good dill pickles), six jars of green beans and eight jars of carrots.

“And, speaking of the Cilpushers, they drove up from Rogers, Ark., on Thursday evening, then drove us to the Royals baseball game in Kansas City Friday night.”

This week, I finished digging all the potatoes and have been sharing the bountiful spud harvest with many of our neighbors. Everything growing in the early garden is done and I’ve got that garden tilled for the summer.

All that are left growing are the tomatoes and some sweet corn, and raised beds with some carrots, kale, cucumbers and sweet potatoes. I’m glad the size of the gardens is greatly diminished because the temperatures this week have gone over 100 degrees with a scalding southwest wind. Everything left in the garden needs watering at least every other day.


Again this year, my friend Mocephus and his family members were generous enuf to swath my “chicken plots” of grass, oats and clover and bale up five big round bales for the winter and next year’s garden mulch and compost. The chickens love the clover/oat hay to scratch in during cold weather.

Speaking of chickens, I finally got the new chickens grown enuf to move into the regular chicken house. My friend, Penn Cilpusher, from Arkansas wuz visiting last weekend and helped me move the chickens one night.


And, speaking of the Cilpushers, they drove up from Rogers, Ark., on Thursday evening, then drove us to the Royals baseball game in Kansas City Friday night. They had free tickets for us, which is hard to beat. However, true to form, the Royals lost again as they almost always do when I watch them in person.

One funny thing happened during the game. Our seats were located down the first baseline. I wuz intently watching the game (while sweating profusely), when I heard something in the aisle to my right. I turned and my face was literally 6 inches from Slugger’s butt (he’s the Royals’ lion mascot who wears a crown and entertains fans throughout the stadium). Slugger wuz bent over speaking to someone across the aisle from me, which put his butt right in my face. After my initial surprise, I’m glad I didn’t follow up on my first thought to goose him. I’m sure that would have been a big “no, no!”

We overnighted at one of the riverboat casinos in Kansas City and, typically, Nevah and I donated a few shekels to the slots and the Cilpushers walked away winners. I guess they deserved it for providing free Royal’s tickets.


I’m getting fed up with politics, especially the squabbling over the nation’s health care program. So, I’m again resorting to the political limerick to vent my frustrations. Here’s this week’s:

For years the Republicans ranted,

They’d reform our health care, if granted,

But once majority elected,

They acted “perplected,”

And, rather than act, just recanted.

The Democrats, meanwhile, berated,

Denying the health mess they’d created,

So, they stonewalled en masse,

Enjoying the political impasse,

And, rather than help fix, just fixated.

And, the “Fake Newsers” stayed at their game,

With repeated news items, quite lame.

That were opinions, not facts,

Plainly partisan-political acts,

So, shouldn’t they take part of the blame?

And, us “folks,” meanwhile, stand by.

Looking for “health pie in the sky.”

Hoping it’ll come free,

Instead of with fees.

That nothing comes free, we’ll deny.


It’s too hot and muggy for anything more. Until next week, remember that doing what you like is freedom. Liking what you do is happiness. Have a good ‘un. ❖

Milo Yield

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