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2021-2022 Henry C. Gardiner Scholarships Winners Announced

Since 2012, the Henry C. Gardiner scholarship application process creates an environment for qualified students to compete for elite undergraduate scholarships. Academic standing, community service, work ethic and future goals are taken into consideration. A panel of Kansas State University faculty and industry leaders review the applications. Finalists are selected and compete in a rigorous interview process. The students are the best and brightest agriculture undergraduates enrolled at K-State and express plans to continue careers in agriculture.

Henry C. Gardiner Scholarships for the 2021-2022 school year have been awarded to Caleb Hildebrand, Stafford, Kan.; Sydney Bowman, Fort Lupton, Colo.; Serena Schotanus, Tipton, Calif.; Gabriella Leone, Fowler, Colo.; and Lindsey Decker, Philo, Ill.

Caleb Hildebrand plans to earn his undergraduate degree and enter vet school. He hopes to return home to begin a mixed-animal practice and continue to work on his family’s farming and ranching operation.

Sydney Bowman is a senior with a specialized interest in ruminant nutrition. Bowman’s career interests focus on the cattle feeding industry. She plans to continue her postgraduate education and pursue a master’s degree in ruminant nutrition with an emphasis on feedlot cattle and rumen microbiology.

Serena Schotanus has been accepted into the K-State College of Veterinary Medicine Early Admissions Program. Upon completing her undergraduate requirements, Schotanus will enter the class of 2026 of veterinarians. She plans to return to the Tulare, Calif., area as a practicing beef and dairy veterinarian.

Gabriella Leone is a member of the Kansas State’s Honors Program and a member of the livestock judging team. Leone will earn her degree in Animal Science-Bioengineering and Technology and enter medical school. Her goal is to become a medical doctor and return to rural America to practice and raise cattle.

Lindsey Decker has found a passion for meat and food science. Her interest has expanded as a member of the K-State Meats Judging Team. Upon graduation, Decker plans to enter graduate school. Her career interests include research and ultimately earning a doctorate.

Mark Gardiner offered these comments, “Each year, the interview and selection process becomes more competitive. These students are curious, ambitious and thoughtful. Henry Gardiner greatly valued education. He would be delighted with the curiosity and future of the five students selected for 2021-2022. We are confident the five students selected will benefit from this scholarship, complete their educations and become the next generation of leadership in American agriculture.”

The Henry C. Gardiner Scholarship is possible through the generous contributions of Gardiner customers, friends and family continuing the legacy of Henry Gardiner. To date, 36 undergraduate students have received $165,500 in scholarships.

Students classified as a rising-junior, junior or senior, either enrolled in or planning to enroll at Kansas State University with a major in animal science and industry or closely related field may apply. Scholarships are awarded annually to students meeting rigorous criteria and exhibiting a commitment to focus on improving the beef industry and food animal production.

Gardiner Angus Ranch is a family-owned and operated business that produces registered and commercial Angus cattle. The original ranch was homesteaded near Ashland, Kan., in 1885 by Henry Gardiner’s grandfather. Today, the ranch encompasses more than 48,000 acres. The Gardiner operation sells approximately 2,500 bulls and 2,000 registered and commercial females a year. One hundred percent of the sale offering each year is the result of artificial insemination or embryo transfer.

Gardiner Angus Ranch is a founding member of U.S. Premium Beef, the producer-owned limited liability corporation with minority ownership in National Beef, the nation’s fourth largest beef processing company. By providing access to a proven value-added processing system through GAR delivery rights, Gardiner Angus Ranch customers have received more than $10.76 million in premiums and dividends.

More information can be found at http://www.gardinerangus.com.

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