K-State ASI students join in virtual Undergraduate Research Symposium

K-State ASI students participate in virtual Undergraduate Research Symposium

MANHATTAN, Kan. – A total of 60 undergraduate students presented their research during the Kansas State University Animal Sciences and Industry Undergraduate Research Symposium on Tuesday, May 12. The symposium, hosted virtually, highlighted ASI undergraduate research for the spring 2020 semester.

This year’s symposium and the awards distributed following the event were sponsored by the Dr. Mark and Kim Young Undergraduate Research Fund in Animal Sciences and Industry.

Two students were awarded $1,000 scholarships based on a combination of their scientific abstract, poster and presentation of data. Winning this semester’s scholarships were Kaylee Farmer, Nevada, M0.; and Ryan Maurer, Pompton Plains, N.J.

Farmer, a graduating senior, presented “Effects of Organic Acids in Place of Feed-Based Antibiotics on Nursery Pig Growth Performance.” Cassie Jones served as her faculty research mentor.

Maurer, also a graduating senior, presented “An Investigation of Collagen Characteristics and Collagenase Activity in Woody Breast Meat,” and was mentored by Michael Chao.

Undergraduate research is an opportunity to perform in-depth study; gain transferable skills; develop critical thinking and problem-solving abilities; define academic and professional interests; and form relationships with mentors, professors and other students. The program gives students the opportunity to work with ASI faculty and graduate student mentors on a project that is rewarding and helps them prepare for their next goals.

Undergraduate research helps students understand the value and constraints of data. Whether they go on to graduate school, return to the ranch or venture into industry, these students will use data every day to make decisions. An undergraduate research experience helps students understand how to value that data during the decision-making process and will help make them more successful animal scientists.

Summary of the students’ projects and mentors:

Hope Aufdemberge – Effects of choline on immune cell function in growing cattle supplemented with guanidinoacetic acid and creatine – Dr. Barry Bradford and Dr. Evan Titgemeyer

Lane Bailey – Effect of heel bulb laceration treatment on soundness and return to function – Dr. John Lutter

Zach Buessing – Validation of equations to predict nursing calf feed intake – Dr. Brad White and Dr. Phillip Lancaster

Colin Chun – A preliminary study to investigate the contribution of different tenderness factors to beef loin, tri-tip, and heel tenderness – Dr. Michael Chao

Samantha Costigan – Corn gluten feed in Boer-type goat rations – Dr. Cassie Jones and Dr. Alison Crane

Olivia Harrison – Use of environmental monitoring to inform biosecurity compliance in a swine health challenge – Dr. Cassie Jones

Ashley Hoffman – Effects of Nannochloropsis algae on growth performance and fatty acid profile of broiler chick – Dr. James Lattimer

Ryan Maurer – An investigation of collagen characteristics and collagenase activity in woody breast meat – Dr. Michael Chao

Shane Newton – Impact of SYNOVEX® ONE GRASS implantation during suckling on pre-weaning calf growth performance – Dr. Cassie Jones and Dr. John Jaeger

Sara Ochoa – Behavioral phenotype assessment of finishing pigs for the NUtrack precision animal management system – Dr. Lindsey Hulbert

Macie Reeb – Effects of rest period prior to processing on vaccine response and blood metabolites in feedlot heifers – Dr. Cassie Jones and Dr. A.J. Tarpoff

Kristen Smith – Post treatment intervals and their effect on case fatality rate and first treatment success rate – Dr. Brad White

Nicole Stafford – Effects of rest period prior to processing on anthelmintic response during the receiving period in feedlot heifers – Dr. Cassie Jones and Dr. A.J. Tarpoff

Haley Watts – Development of commercial poultry skin as a snack food – Dr. Kelly Getty

The undergraduate research meat goat course focused on the effects of protein source and ionophore inclusion on meat goat growth performance and carcass traits. Students developed abstracts and posters as part of the course requirements. Researchers were Chase Archer, Rebekah Arnold, Emily Atkinson, Shaylyn Ballard, Chelsey Bieberle, Reba Colin, Paige Dameron, Miles Hamilton, Kaitlyn Hildebrand, Blake Hopkins, Kaitlin Houck, Emily Hudson, Autumn Johnson, Gabby Maroulis, Kenzie McAtee, Emily Prugh, Garrett Seltzer, Rae Sorensen, Mikayla Winter and Kristina Zerger.

The swine undergraduate research class focused their research on the effects of organic acids in place of feed-based antibiotics on nursery pig growth performance. Researchers were Megan Anguiano, Jenna Bromm, Ivan Bueso-Interiano, Erin Cocjin, Lauren Duncan, Kaylee Farmer, Alyssa Farran, Anna Hixon, Kate Nelson, Gabriela Olivier, Jordyn Orrison, Shyanne Osterhaus, Scotney Reichenberger, Destiny Serrano-Quiroz, Colton Stucky, Sydney Tastad, Ryan Tipton and Nadia Zhang.

In March, 10 K-State undergraduates presented their research at the Midwest American Society of Animal Science Meeting in Omaha. Olivia Harrison and Juliette Toothaker received first and second place undergraduate research poster, respectively.

Greeley Stampede Foundation scholarship recipients announced

Each year the Greeley Stampede Foundation awards scholarships to northern Colorado high school seniors to support our community and students pursuing higher education. Since the foundation began the program, more than $520,000 in scholarships have been awarded.

Recipients were selected based on their outstanding academic results, school involvement, leadership in the community, and plans to further their education. The selected 2020 Greeley Stampede Foundation High School Academic Scholarship recipients represent 11 Weld County high schools with each student receiving $2,500. The foundation board is proud to help these community minded students build a bright future for themselves and, as a result, our community.

For the sixth year, one college-level rodeo scholarship was awarded based on academic results and competitive level with the National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association. The 2020 recipient is Kelsey Story who attends Colorado State University and is pursuing a dual major in equine science and agriculture business.

Also recognized by the foundation with a scholarship, is 2020 Miss Rodeo Colorado, Hailey Frederiksen. As Miss Rodeo Colorado, Frederiksen has dedicated herself to represent the state of Colorado, the sport of rodeo and the Greeley Stampede as the home rodeo of the Miss Rodeo Colorado Pageant.

The 2020 recipients include: Mikyla Bowen, Northridge High School; Kathryn Broderius, Greeley West High School; Loralei Carroll, Prairie High School; Kailee Chambers, Roosevelt High School; Alaina Endreson, Briggsdale Undivided High School; Matea Floryance, Eaton High School; Abigail Granrud, Frontier Academy; Awna Hirsch, Windsor High School; Alexa Kopren, Windsor High School; Meagan Lorance, Frontier Academy; Georgina Magana Orantes, Greeley West High School; Evan Messmer, Eaton High School; Indigo Parlin, Greeley Central High School; Rodrigo Perez-Campos Jr., Greeley West High School; Maya Potter, University High School; Emalee Roth, Platte Valley High School; Everet Slaughenhaupt, Eaton High School; Nolan Steckel, Northridge High School; Shelby Tveten, Roosevelt High School; Caitlyn Walker, Eaton High School; Emma Younger, Windsor High School; Hailey Frederiksen, CSU, Miss Rodeo Colorado Foundation Scholarship; Kelsey Story, CSU, Rodeo Scholarship.