Reinke recognizes Deroche Contractors technician with PLUS Program Longevity Award

DESHLER, Neb. — Reinke Manufacturing, a global leader in irrigation systems and technology, has recognized Deroche Contractors’ Vince Deroche with a five-year PLUS Program Longevity Award. Deroche received the award in recognition of his dedication to maintaining a PLUS Program certification for five years.

The Reinke PLUS (Proven Leaders in Unmatched Service) Program is a service training program that’s offered to full-service Reinke dealers and includes a series of six courses and a testing process that qualifies them as a PLUS or Platinum PLUS certified technician.

“At Reinke, our mission is to exceed our customers’ expectations of quality, service and innovation,” said Jennifer Craig, technical training and documentation administrator for Reinke. “By dedicating themselves to continuous training, Deroche has shown that he is ready to serve the growers in his area. Maintaining this level of certification for five years is a big accomplishment and Reinke is proud to honor their commitment as they continue to care of our systems and customers.”

To maintain certification, 16 service training credits must be earned each year either through online or in-class training. Certified Reinke PLUS and Platinum PLUS technicians are trained to deliver the most advanced technical service and support to customers.

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Muddy Creek Ag LLC completes BioZyme Advanced Dealer Training

SAINT JOSEPH, Mo., — Muddy Creek Ag LLC, Ansley, Neb., has recently completed the necessary training needed for year two of the BioZyme Inc. Master Dealer program.

Progressive in its desire to advance its business, Muddy Creek Ag has completed the second year of the Master Dealer Training Program, to further its education about brands and product lines BioZyme offers. The Second Year Master Dealers were also offered courses in marketing and selling techniques.

“We are excited that this dealership continues to dedicate time and effort to further its product knowledge and marketing skills, and it will continue to be an excellent resource for all product needs and questions,” said Kristi Stevens, BioZyme senior manager of marketing operations. “Muddy Creek Ag has taken the time to complete the second series of our online training program, and has committed to stocking our full product line. It is one of the most informed dealers that our company works with.”

As Master Dealers, the dealer already received special designation on the online dealer locator and signage for its store that indicates it has gone above and beyond in its training efforts. For completing the continuing education for the Master Dealer program, the dealer will receive additional rewards from BioZyme.

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