Simmental elects its new leadership |

Simmental elects its new leadership

LOVELAND, Colo. — Colorado Simmental Association elected officers and directors during its 49th annual meeting July 11.

All officers were retained for the 2019/2020 year. They are Jay Hill of Sterling, president; Mitchell Jergensen of Ramah, vice-president; and Susan Russell of Sugar City, secretary/treasurer.

Beth Temple of Center, and Vicky Ahlberg, who moved to Nebraska, chose not to seek re-election and were thanked for their service to the board. The membership elected/re-elected Willie Altenburg of Fort Collins, Jolynn Midcap of Wray, and Russell as voting directors. Others rounding out the seven-member board are Mick Meiklejohn of Collbran, Ron Mari of Holyoke, Hill and Jergensen.

The meeting was held in conjunction with Superior Livestock Auction’s Week in the Rockies sale. More details on CSA are on

Polis appoints Colorado Water Conservation Board director

Gov. Jared Polis appointed Rebecca Mitchell as the Colorado Commissioner to the Upper Colorado River Commission. The Upper Colorado River Commission is an interstate water agency consisting of the Upper Colorado River Basin States of Wyoming, Colorado, Utah and New Mexico.

The Upper Colorado River Commission’s function is to ensure compact compliance with the 1922 Colorado River Compact. The commission was established so states work together and in partnership to meet their obligations to the lower basin states while safeguarding the Upper basin states’ Colorado River water rights and allocations. The commission is comprised of one representative appointed by the governor of each Upper basin state and one member appointed by the president to represent the United States.

Mitchell serves as the director of the Colorado Water Conservation Board. She is an accomplished water leader with over 17 years experience in the Colorado water sector and highly knowledgeable in the water laws of the state. Mitchell played a significant part in working with the State’s Basin Roundtables, the Interbasin Compact Committee, the public at large and CWCB staff in producing Colorado’s Water Plan. Mitchell has worked in the public and private sector as a consulting engineer; she received both her B.S. and M.S. from the Colorado School of Mines. Gov. Polis also appointed John McClow, General Counsel for the Upper Gunnison River Water Conservancy District and David Robbins, Hill & Robbins, P.C. to serve as alternate commissioners.

NWSS awards scholarships to 4 Denver students

DENVER — Four city and county of Denver students were awarded scholarships in the amount of $2,500 each as part of the National Western Stock Show Denver Scholarship Program. The students receiving this newly introduced scholarship are as follows: Lawrence J. Cohen – Denver School of Arts graduate who will be attending the University of Colorado Boulder this fall. Thang Ling – South High School graduate who will be attending Metropolitan State University of Denver this fall. Manoj Regmi — Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Early College graduate who will be attending Metropolitan State University of Denver this fall. Michael Stanford — Mullen High School graduate who will be attending Colorado State University this fall.

These scholarship recipients were selected due to their passion in pursuing undergraduate degrees and career paths that focus on making contributions to the emerging and influential fields of agriculture. This focus can be expressed through any major or area of study, as long as the goal is to contribute toward progress and leadership in agriculture. The students will continue to receive the funds all four years of their undergraduate studies, as long as minimum requirements are met for performance. ❖

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