Dodge Bull at the 100th Greeley Stampede |

Dodge Bull at the 100th Greeley Stampede

American Bull Fighting competition is action packed with bulls, bull fighters, and even cowboy mounted shooters

Described by Greeley Stampede officials as the best crowd they’ve ever had for the American Bull Fighting competition, about 5,000 people showed up on July 2 to watch bull fighting and were also rewarded with a cowboy mounted shooting contest taking place in the same arena during breaks in the bull fighting action.

In the bull fighting contest, 10 participants showed up to compete in the Greeley Stampede arena against the smaller, quicker and more aggressive Mexican fighting bulls. The first round whittled it down to five competitors for a final round, where Eaton, Colo., bull fighter Roper Rich won back-to-back Greeley Stampede titles with his speed and fearless approach to piling up points. Those points are earned by staying close to the bull while not getting hit or trampled and extra points are awarded for effectively using bonus time in the arena and also employing trick maneuvers, like leaping a charging bull. Roper Rich did all those things numerous times on his way to winning the event with a final round score of 87.50. Second place went to Malaqi Cook with 84 and third was earned by Kye Hicks with 78.

Westlee Jones had speed and moves, but the wily Mexican fighting bulls were also fast and smart. Jones scored a solid 83 points in the first round, but did not fare as well in the final round of action.
After advancing past the opening round, a quick Malaqi Cook took to the arena in the final round and posted the second best score of 82 points in the American Bull Fighting competition at the Greeley Stampede (July 2, 2022).

The Colorado Regulators put on the mounted shooting competition and the event was well-received by the crowd. Participants sprint their horses through set patterns while firing blanks at balloon targets using .45 caliber single action pistols. The fastest time wins and missing a balloon target adds a 5-second penalty, along with penalties for veering off course or knocking over a barrel in the pattern. Accomplished mounted shooter De Chapman won the competition with a final round 9.4-second time over fellow Coloradan Rick Carlson’s 9.6-second effort.


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