Paint Rock Angus Annual Fall Production Sale |

Paint Rock Angus Annual Fall Production Sale

TFP Rep: Matt Wznick

Date of Sale: Nov. 26, 2019

Location: At the Ranch in Hyattville, Wyoming

Auctioneer: Joe Goggins


• 95 Angus Bull Calves Averaged $4,639

• 60 Registered Angus Open Heifers Averaged $1,245

• 90 Commercial Angus Open Heifers Averaged $964

Top Selling Bulls:

• Lot 2 at $10,000, Paintrock Trapper 184-9, DOB: 2/7/2019; Paintrock Trapper x Miss Blackbird, He sold to Centennial Ranch, Dillon, MT.

• Lot 3 at $10,000, Paintrock Trapper 564-9, DOB: 2/11/2019, Paintrock Trapper x Kate of Paintrock, He sold to Centennial Livestock, Dillon, MT.

• Lot 27 at $10,000, Paintrock Motive 268-9, DOB: 1/30/2019, PRA Motive 501 x Blackbird of Paintrock, He sold to Bob & Gail Stoddard, Douglas, WY.

• Lot 1 at $7,500, Paintrock Trapper 495-9, DOB: 1/24/2019, Paintrock Trapper x Forever Niemere of PR, he sold to Centennial Ranch, Dillon, MT.

• Lot 12 at $7,500, Paintrock Outright 379-9, DOB: 2/6/2019, HAYNES Outright 452 x Forever of Paintrock , He sold to Centennial Ranch, Dillon, MT.


The Paint Rock Angus Crew offered a great set of stout yearling bulls and beautiful replacement heifers to the buyers at the Annual Fall Production Sale held at the ranch in Hyattville, Wyo., on Nov. 26, 2019. The Mercer family built a reputable program through dedication to their customers, hard work, and a desire to raise great cattle. Congratulations on a great sale! ❖


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