Society for Range Management to host annual meeting Feb. 16-20 |

Society for Range Management to host annual meeting Feb. 16-20

The Society for Range Management, a professional society that is committed to working with productive, sustainable rangeland ecosystems through science-based rangeland stewardship, is preparing to host its annual meeting Feb. 16-20 at the Sheraton Denver.

Networking and educational opportunities are on the schedule with tours on Feb. 16 to the Rocky Mountain Arsenal focusing on ecological, biological, and managerial interaction between grazers and the refuge’s multiple uses. A tour will also be offered to the West Bijou Bison Ranch in conjunction with the Native American Rangeland Advisory Committee for a Holistic Management International tour. Multi-species management, long-term sustainable ecosystem health, and being a profitable enterprise will be discussed, leaving attendees with a greater awareness of the resources used to bring a product from pasture to plate. A third tour to Kiowa Creek Ranch will center on discussion about the science, controversies, and objectives of management and restoration projects of dry-forest systems. The day will also include an all-day job fair, a roundtable discussion about sustainable rangelands, and sessions including Enhancing Rangeland Inventory and Monitoring, Unmanned Aerial System Imagery, Solar Grazing and An Emerging Opportunity for Rangeland Sheep Farms.

Monday, Feb. 17 includes Lauren Porensky’s complex landscapes and collaborative successes and Leslie Roche’s socio-ecological systems emphasizing human dimensions. Concurrent sessions include transforming ranching through precision livestock management in extensive rangelands, creating success in rangeland management by tapping into our emotional intelligence, strategies for sustainability transformations in Western rangelands, socio-ecological resilience in the Northern Great Plains, conservation economics on Western working lands, and managing rangelands for pollinators. Afternoon concurrent sessions include transforming public rangeland management through collaborative multi-stakeholder partnerships, methods for estimating diet composition on rangelands, applications of the State and Transition Model (STMs) to novel resource management issues, annual grass management, applications of technological advances for precision livestock management in extensive rangelands, and social science advancements to rangeland management.

Tuesday, Feb. 18 begins with Karen Launchbaugh’s Bridging the Gap presentation, followed by the Young Professionals Conclave. Concurrent sessions include invasive species management, adaptive management of burned rangelands, Healthy Ecosystems for Rangeland Development, cultivating the next generation of stewards, connecting songbirds with land management and critical habitat characteristics. Afternoon concurrent sessions include livestock GPS trackers, thermocouplers and fire weather, Terradactyl, LandPKS, fire behavior sensors, fire modeling, hardware development and prototyping, data and code sharing, managing invasive species using geospatial technologies, partnerships, stockmanship engagement, and engagement to improve federal rangeland wildfire mitigation.

Feb. 19 presentations include Karim-Aly Kassam’s Speaking Truth to Power: Transdisciplinary Research, Indigenous Knowledge and Wicked Problems. Concurrent sessions include scientific communication, vulnerability of beef production to ecological and socioeconomic climate challenges, restoration and reclamation of riparian areas, shared stewardship, grazing as mitigation. Afternoon concurrent sessions include grass cast, translation of insights from long-term stocking rates, outcome based grazing authorization, communication needs of the modern rangeland manager and rangeland collaboration.

Feb. 20 is the Range Practicum at the National Western Complex. For a complete schedule, visit ❖

— Gabel is an assistant editor and reporter for The Fence Post. She can be reached at or (970) 392-4410.

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