An open post to Gov. Polis… |

An open post to Gov. Polis…

By Scott James, Weld County, Colorado, District 2 Commissioner

Gov. Jared Polis, on Thursday, Feb. 24, I heard your words and shared your emotion regarding the Russian military invasion of Ukraine. Vladimir Putin is a ruthless killer bent on suppressing the God-given freedoms of the Ukrainian people and he must be stopped.

From your statement (that I will link in the comments below)…

“So too we must take action to prevent severe economic fallout and further cost increases for hardworking Coloradans. I join leaders of our federal delegation in urging Congress to immediately suspend the federal gas tax and double down on a rapid clean energy transition to ensure that our energy future cannot be tied to geopolitical conflicts and global commodities.”

I agree with you wholeheartedly, governor, that our energy future and our state/national security cannot be tied to geopolitical conflicts and global commodities. That’s why I implore you, governor, if you truly want to help fix this problem, work with the state legislature to repeal Senate Bill 19-181. Unleash the power of the clean Colorado energy molecule and the unparalleled economic boost that comes along with local energy production.

Governor, you can be more than words. You can do it today. Pick up the phone, call Democrat leaders in the Colorado General Assembly. Republican leaders will work with you in a truly bipartisan effort. You can help make America infinitely more secure and you can cut off monies going directly to Putin and Russian oligarchs via the purchase of Russian oil. Stop funding Russia, sir, by allowing us to produce energy right here in Colorado.

Repeal SB19-181. Its passage contributed to Putin’s coffers allowing him to wage war on the Ukrainians. I’ve seen your posts and heard your words about ensuring that Colorado has no investments in Russia. Truly mean those words, governor. Every time Coloradans fill their tank, they invest in Russia. One year ago, America was energy independent. Because of policies like SB19-181, we now invest in Russia by buying their oil.

I’ve heard you say that it is time to accelerate the development of renewable energy infrastructure. Let’s have that conversation. Let’s truly mean it by discussing nuclear power plants and investment in hydrogen technologies. Clean burning natural gas serves as a bridge fuel to this cleaner future.

But TODAY — in the here and now — America’s economy runs on fossil fuels. SB19-181 is a daily investment in Russia. Invest in Colorado and Coloradans, Gov. Polis. Show us you truly mean what you say by working with the bill’s sponsors who remain in the legislature, Sen. Steve Fenberg and Rep. Yadira Caraveo, along with people like Rep. Hugh McKean, Sen. Barbara Kirkmeyer, Rep. DanWoog, Rep. Tonya Van Beber, Rep. Mike Lynch, and Sen. Jerry Sonnenberg to repeal SB19-181.

Doing so would thwart Russia, aid Ukraine, and make America safer.


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