Behind Those Eyes |

Behind Those Eyes

On the Edge of Common Sense
Baxter Black, DVM

Behind those eyes there shines a light

That’s guided me from my first step

Down life’s highway through thick and thin

So I could tell the wrong from right.

Behind those eyes there beats a heart

That taught me love is what you feel

And to be taken as it is

And not something you take apart.

Behind those eyes there lives a soul

That speaks to me from deep within

And warns me I must not despair

Those things in life I can’t control.

Behind those eyes there is a love

That never lets me out of sight

And stretches from my deepest flaw

And reaches to the stars above.

Behind those eyes I see myself

The hopes and dreams she had for me

I see myself as I could be

Behind my mother’s eyes. ❖

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Baxter Black

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“It’s for you,” his darlin’ told him as he lay back in the chair

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