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2022 GMC Denali Ultimate

For $80,000, oh my, will lead to lots of monthly payments. We towed with the 2022 GMC Denali Ultimate 8,280 pound trailer close to the 8,900 pound limit. With 6.2L and 10 speeds I had no problems on the curvy river road up Poudre Canyon. The original Denali’s had real aluminum interior trim. Now they include open pore Palao real wood on the doors and dash. The vehicle even has topography sketches in the wood depicting Mount Denali in Alaska as it’s name sake.

Highway MPG is 20, good for now. With full grain leather, the interior speaks luxury. I tried Super Cruise for about a minute. I’ll try it again next time. The 16-way massaging seats are awesome. I’m still not a fan of the new GM T-shifter. Still, GM is king of the camera’s. The backup-to-your-trailer camera is now one of the best. There is a gap in the lines where you can see the hitch ball clearly heading to the trailer coupler.

Electronics were slow, you have to count to five after you push the square start button to shift into go. The mirrors pointed down each time I drove it. So it’ has a bug, with all the electronics on today’s modern trucks. That’s why trucks had a hard time manufacturing during the pandemic, it takes a microchips to do everything. Even the latch to remotely release the tailgate has a microchip. I can’t imagine how many chips a John Deere combine has now.

The Denali even has Super Cruise. Yes it drives itself, I used it for a minute and took my eyes off the road for 3 seconds and the big brother camera saw me not looking ahead and shut off the Super Cruise. Oh well I’m sure I’ll get another chance in a 2023. Cross stitching on the full grain leather seats is unusual. I’m fond of the heads up display in the windshield like a jet fighter so you know things without taking your eyes off the road. There are paddle shifters on the steering wheel, so you can manually shift the tranny when racing the neighbors to town. Carbon pro bed is tough, with no need for a bedliner.

When Denali first came out in 2001, it had standard Quadrasteer. For about three years it was standard on the Denali and offered on some Chevy trucks the second year. But Delphi and GM couldn’t get along and GM dropped it. Quadrasteer was awesome for towing, parking and passing. It’s very unique, and I’m glad to see it’s coming back as “four-wheel steer” in the new GMC Hummer and Chevy Silverado EV. Quadrasteer was the best for handling trucks. Nissan was going to offer it in the Titan and Armada, I saw the prototypes. Engineers from Delphi sent me a Denali Quadrasteer and I shot many video’s, climbing Pikes Peak, barrel racing and demonstrating to GMC dealers in Colorado.

When Denali first came out, it was the most luxurious truck you could buy. Then like always, competition woke up and Ford had the King Ranch, then Limited and then Platinum. Ram jumped in with both feet with Laramie Longhorn, Limited Longhorn and Limited. And Denali didn’t change much. Chevy wanted part of the action, so in 2014 they introduced the High Country. This year GMC got back in the luxury truck business with the Denali Ultimate. And it is a very nice truck.

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