Livestock Checkpoints planned in brand states |

Livestock Checkpoints planned in brand states

Wyoming and Colorado will likely be coordinating livestock check points this summer. Both states are brand inspection states and Colorado Brand Commissioner Chris Whitney said they’re hoping to remind people of the requirements for everyone’s protection. Whitney said Highway 85 is a likely checkpoint location in the coming months.

Crossing state lines without brand inspection papers is, he said, a violation of both states’ laws. Brand inspections serve as titles, of sorts, and are good for as long as an owner owns the animal. Transportation inspections are good for the duration of the trip.

“It’s purely educational,” Whitney said. “I’m sure we’ll hand out lots of warning tickets, but the purpose is to raise awareness.”

Livestock check points are likely to heat up this summer.

Wyoming and Colorado, he said, are very much alike in their respective brand laws. A brand inspection is required upon a change of ownership through a sale or gift, travel over 75 miles within the state, or any out-of-state travel.

Entering a brand inspection state may not require a brand inspection, but does require a current Certificate of Veterinary Inspection and a negative Coggins test. CVIs may be paper or digital and must be properly issued by an accredited veterinarian. They are valid for 30 days.

Wyoming Livestock Board Director Steve True said contestants and participants in equine events should check with the particular events for any further requirements. The potential of contagious diseases being active, for example Equine Herpes Virus/Neurological or Vesticular Stomatitis could cause the Wyoming State Veterinarian to impose further restrictions to protect events, participants and industries.

Wyoming requires an Import Permit or shipping number for cattle, sheep, goats and hogs but not horses. According to True, the veterinarian issuing the CVI will contact the office for this number. While people should be prepared to meet all inspection requirements when visiting the state, he said the requirements are in place to protect owners and industries from theft and disease.

Other brand inspection states are South Dakota, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Nevada, Colorado, Utah (equine exempt), California, Nebraska and Washington.

“This is an effort by Wyoming and us to raise awareness,” Whitney said. “It’s not to hassle people. We’re not in the hassle business. We’re in the ownership business and the system works to make sure people and their interests are protected.”


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