NAWG launches Industry Partners Program |

NAWG launches Industry Partners Program

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Starting July 1, 2021, the National Association of Wheat Growers will formally launch its new Industry Partners Program. Tomorrow, we will welcome Syngenta, Ardent Mills, Farm Credit Council, and FMC as members to our organization through the IPP, where they will help bring a unique perspective to NAWG.

“We are grateful to the four members who have shown their support for NAWG and wheat growers around the nation,” said NAWG President and Cass City, Mo., wheat farmer, Dave Milligan.” Welcome, Syngenta, Ardent Mills, Farm Credit Council, and FMC. We are extremely excited about the unique perspectives our industry partner members will bring to our organization.”

In December 2019, NAWG held a Strategic Planning Session in Denver and one task that came out of the workshop was for NAWG to increase our engagement with partners across the wheat industry. Thus, the IPP concept was born to leverage our strong relationship with the industry and bring that perspective to our grower organization by offering a more influential role with the organization. While NAWG will remain a grower-led organization, the IPP will provide an opportunity for increased collaboration and partnerships between wheat growers and our partners in the agricultural industry.

“Each IPP member comes from an organization with a large agricultural audience, and with this opportunity to have them directly involved with the wheat industry, we can accentuate the importance of our community and how impactful wheat is to the world,” said NAWG CEO, Chandler Goule.

To learn more about NAWG’s IPP membership, go to


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