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On the road again and feral cows

I’m sitting her on Thursday trying to work but the computer is not allowing me to do so. I hate it when this happens.

It’s especially annoying because I have to get up Friday morning at 5 a.m. to go to the Wyoming State Track and Field Championship in Gillette to watch my granddaughter compete. Luckily my husband will be driving so I can sleep in the car. Pray the weather doesn’t impede our travels.

In the meantime, I am pondering the New Mexico situation where feral cattle are being shot in the Gila National Forest. What kind of environmental damage could they be doing in comparison with other livestock or wild mustangs?

It seems like such a waste of time and money to me, like the the U.S. spending millions of dollars to use F-22 fighter jets with A9X missiles to shoot down hobby balloons.

The cattle have been referred to as “an invasive, exotic species” and that they have negatively impacted fish and wildlife habitats including habitats for several federally threatened and endangered species.

The cattle were shot despite objections from the state’s cattlemen and the governor. Sounds like federal government overreach to me.

I would think that if you put a bounty on the cattle and invited hunters to shoot and butcher the cattle it would make more sense. The 19 cattle that were recently shot would have produced a lot of beef to feed the hungry.

Or, just leave them alone.

Quick, lets get feral cows on the Endangered Species Act list. After all think of the damage other endangered species are doing on the environment like elephants, rhinos and gorillas.

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