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Wolves and 30×30 news

While Colorado is preparing to reintroduce wolves into the state, even though there are already wolves in the state according to Colorado Parks and Wildlife, the Idaho legislature has approved legislation to allow the state to hire private contractors to kill 90 percent of its wolf population.

That would reduce the wolf population from about 1,500 to 150. The problem is that wolves are killing cattle, sheep and wildlife, costing producers hundreds of thousands of dollars. Hunters are also concerned about the elk and deer population.

And in Nebraska, where wolves are very rare, a gray wolf was killed near Fremont on Jan. 28, according to the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission. It was only the third wolf confirmed in the state since 2002.

The Omaha World Herald reported that, “In 2002, a wolf was confirmed shot near Spalding, in central Nebraska. It was genetically linked to the Great Lake wolves. Prior to that, no wolves had been confirmed in the state since 1913.”

This news begs the question does Colorado really need to bring more wolves into the state?

In other news, American Land Trust recently released a paper titled “Advancing Understanding of Conservation on Rented Land,” pointing out that 40 percent — 350 million acres — of U.S. farm and ranch land is rented or leased.

The paper addressed the need to take rented land into consideration when implementing the Biden Administration’s 30×30 plan.

I thought it was interesting because although most landowners would like their renters to take care of their land as they themselves would, that isn’t always the case.

And, I don’t think the federal government has even considered non-operator landowners in its 30×30 plan.

In the meantime, U.S. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack recently told reporters that the government “has no intention to have a land grab.”

But some legislators, especially those from ag states, aren’t buying that and neither am I.

Iowa Sen. Joni Ernst, R-Iowa, said the Biden Administration could expand the Clean Water Act to meet the 30×30 goal.

“The Biden-Harris Administration seems to be so much more radical when it comes to climate change (and) when it comes to rules and regulation(s) and government intervention,” Ernst told Agri-Pulse.

Remember the Waters of the United States? Landowners need to be prepared for anything from the Biden Administration.


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