CFAP payments total more than $5 billion to 365,000 farmers |

CFAP payments total more than $5 billion to 365,000 farmers

The Agriculture Department’s Farm Service Agency has paid out $5.4 billion to 365,262 farmers under the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program, the Agriculture Department said Monday, July 6.

An interactive online dashboard shows the number of approved applications and payment amount in each state or territory, and also shows approved applications and payments by category and commodity.

Iowa tops the list with $567.9 million in payments to farmers there, followed by Nebraska with $389 million, Wisconsin with $344 million and Minnesota with $343 million.

Cattle producers received the most money, $2.3 billion, followed by milk ($1.1 billion), corn ($970 million) and hogs ($343 million).

The website says the data is to be updated and released every Monday by 2 p.m. EDT. ❖

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