The fake invisible climate crisis |

The fake invisible climate crisis

In his book “Fake Invisible Catastrophes and Threats of Doom,” apostate co-founder of Green Peace, Roger Moore, writes:

“Awhile back it dawned on me that the great majority of scare stories about the present and future state of the planet, and humanity as a whole, are based on subjects that are either invisible, like CO2 and radiation, or extremely remote, like polar bears and coral reefs. Thus, the vast majority of people have no way of observing and verifying for themselves the truth of these claims predicting these alleged catastrophes and devastating threats. Instead, they must rely on the activists, the media, the politicians, and the scientists — all of whom have a very large financial and/or political stake in the subject — to tell them the truth. This welcomes the opportunity to simply invent narratives such as the claim that ‘CO2 emissions from burning fossil fuels are causing a climate emergency’.”

Once upon a time everybody knew the Earth was flat and, years later everybody knew tulips were a great investment. These days everybody knows that “climate change” is real. Not the natural kind of climate change that’s as old as Earth, but the human-made “climate emergency” kind — Miss Nancy’s “Mother Earth is angry” kind and Sainted Greta’s “HOW DARE YOU!” kind, that threatens us daily with End of the World scenarios if we don’t act now or — optionally — send them money.

The agenda-driven environmental zealots claim that climate science is “settled” and only “deniers” question it. But as Mark Twain observed: “It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so.”

Supposedly, the origin of this alleged CO2-driven climate change was the Industrial Revolution in 1750. What goes unmentioned by the Net-zero Zealots is that human welfare has improved dramatically since 1750.

These Net-zero Zealots also scream that burning fossil fuels is a horrible thing. Really?

The burning of fossil fuels has radically improved everything on this planet. It has given us safe and inexpensive lighting, heating, cooling, refrigeration, transportation, electricity generation, construction and food abundance. And just about everything else we depend on for our standard of living. Even if burning fossil fuels has also caused some warming of the atmosphere with CO2 — it’s NOT a net loss. There is simply no question fossil fuels have dramatically benefited humanity.

These true-believing environmentalists claim surveys of climate scientists show there is a climate crisis, but no such surveys exist.

The surveys that do exist indicate that scientists agree that greenhouse gases have a warming influence and may create some problems in the future. Still, they don’t agree it’s a crisis. The last Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Report concluded: “For most economic sectors, the impact of climate change will be small relative to the impacts of other drivers. Changes in population, age, income, technology, relative prices, lifestyle, regulation, governance, and many other aspects of socioeconomic development will have an impact on the supply and demand of economic goods and services that is large relative to the impact of climate change.”

The real crisis is that we are being fed so much misinformation on the issue.

There has been little climate change in the last 100 years, and there is almost no correlation between Earth’s temperature and carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is a beneficial gas essential for life, not the evil, hated pollutant the Net-zero Zealots claim it is.

When there was an explosion of life during the Cambrian era — 7 million years ago — atmospheric CO2 was 7,000 parts per million (ppm). Atmospheric CO2 today is a mere 400 ppm; we are in a CO2 drought and will benefit from more CO2, not less.

Science is demanding, never settled — always available for questioning and — upon discovery of new evidence — changing. Electricity and aviation are — to science — still theories — the theory of flight and the electron theory.

Flight and electricity remain scientific theories even though both — on a day-to-day basis — seem to work quite well, demonstrating the absurdity that “climate science” is “settled.” Most “climate science” isn’t science, nor is it “settled.” Many questions remain, so we would be well-advised not to bet the farm on an untested “theory.”

Fake news. Fake meat. Fake Science. Fake crisis. All created by environmental crusaders using fear and propaganda to create a multi-billion-dollar climate-crisis industry that doesn’t want to be questioned by us commoners.

It’s past time to start asking some questions, and, to that end, I host the website on which I’ve posted a few questions sorely in need of being asked … and answered.


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