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Lemke Cattle 16th Annual Bull & Female Sale

TSLN Rep: Jake Stamant

Date of Sale: 02/11/2022

Location: Lawrence, Neb.

Auctioneer: Matt Lowery

Randy Lemke makes a speech as the sale starts.


Sale Averages:

Bulls Avg. $7,438.00

Heifers Avg. $3,895.00

Com. Heifer avg. $1,518.00

High Sellers:

Lot 53 LEM Worldwide 1001 ET Sired by Pelton Wideload out of a Seneca Donor Sold for $31,000.00 to Gall Family Red Angus – Hurley, SD

Lot 6 LEM Heavy Impact 1020 ET Angus Hybird Sired Musgrave Exclusive out of a top Resource cow Sold for $21,000.00 to Lone Oak Cattle – Mechanicsville, IA

Lot 55 LEM Overload 1003 Flush Brother to LEM Worldwide top selling bull Sold for $14,000.00 to Blake Wuld – Watford, SD

Lot 1 LEM Shockwave 1028 ET Flush brother to Lot 6 Sold for $13,00.00 to Zimmerman Ranch – Dawson, ND

Lot 20 LEM Flatop 1041 Angus Hybird top 1% YW and 19.1 Adj. REA Sold for $12,500.00 to Flat Creek Farms – NE

High Seller Female:

Lot 73 LEM MS Senca 122 sold for $8,250.00 to John Arevralos & David Kalianoff – Bandera,TX


Lemke Cattle with their 16th Annual Bull and Female sale brought together a powerful set of Angus hybrid and Red Angus bulls and females for the offering. The sale led off with the highly talked about lot 53 Red Angus bull.


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