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10 Things to Do to Manage Resistant Kochia

R.F. Meyer
Golden Plains Area Agronomist
Colorado State University Extension

1. Use tank mixes. Efficacy on kochia will increase.

2. Use full labeled herbicide rates.

3. Apply post-emergent tank mixes to kochia before the weed is 6 inches tall.

4. Actively growing kochia is easier to control than weeds that are under moisture stress.

5. Apply herbicides with 3 to 10 gallons per acre water.

6. Use recommended additives and adjuvants.

7. Flat fan nozzles are recommended.

8. Re-apply herbicides as later kochia flushes emerge.

9. Rotate crops along with herbicides.

10. Follow all manufacturer recommendations to enhance coverage and minimize drift risk.

Source: @2011 Monsanto Company

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